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Why Choose Permanent Lip Colour?

Why choose permanent lip colour? There are many reasons why permanent lip makeup can benefit people. One reason could just be that you want to wake up and look ready to go. Permanent lip makeup can give you more confidence with the way you look making you feel happier within yourself. Some Benefits of Permanent Lip Colour Are

• Active Lifestyle – If you have an active lifestyle doing sports regularly or just days that have you running around, then permanent makeup could be beneficial for you. No applying lipstick. No concern of your lipstick running or wiping off. Plus makeup can be a disaster for the skin. With permanent lip makeup you can have the look that you want without having to take it off for sports or other activities.

• Time and Money – If you wear lipstick daily then permanent lip makeup can be perfect for you. 900 million lipsticks are sold worldwide each year. Instead of you having to buy a new lipstick and apply it numerous times a day, you can save money and time by having permanent lip colour and all you need is a little gloss (with SPF please!) as advise by Ink & Arrow Cosmetic Tattoo Studio.

• Thinning – Some people choose to get permanent lip makeup as their lips could begin thinning. Age makes your collagen proteins decline, giving you the look or feeling of thinning deflated lips. With permanent makeup you can redefine your lips giving you a smoother more youthful shape. Permanent lip makeup alone will not smooth out wrinkles or make your lips fuller but the professional can cheat the lip line a little outside the natural border creating a smooth natural look and giving the illusion of fuller lips or permanent lip colour can be a genuinely nice compliment to lip fillers.

• Asymmetry – Another benefit of permanent lip makeup is that it can correct asymmetry. No one’s lips are perfectly symmetrical, but some people are a lot more asymmetrical than others. One side of the lips could be shaped completely differently or could be significantly larger than the other side. Permanent lip makeup can create the illusion of symmetry making you look more aesthetically pleasing.

• Skin Irritation – Some of the components in makeup people can be allergic to. These are nickel, perfumes, fragrances, dyes, preservatives and Carmen. This either means they must spend a lot of money finding makeup they are not allergic to or they cannot wear makeup at all. With permanent makeup it is exceedingly rare for someone to have an allergic reaction due to cosmetic pigment being made from natural components. You could have the desired look without any of the problems you have from wearing makeup.

• Hyper Pigmentation – Some people have naturally pale lips; this is called hyper pigmentation. This can happen with anyone, the lips begin to match the tone of the surrounding skin which begins to camouflage the lips. Permanent lip makeup can help to bring colour back to your lips. It does not have to be dramatic, it can just be a light, natural, subtle look just to give you the definition of your lips. A skilled professional will be able to blend the right colours to ensure the natural look.

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