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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup can make it far easier to perfect your makeup routine. Some individuals long for long-lasting cosmetics; however, they do not want extreme measures to achieve their look. Today's technological advancements mean that Permanent makeup is very much possible, and the benefits speak for themselves across the globe. Permanent makeup gives you more time throughout your days, knowing that your looks will remain consistent throughout them, including special occasions and exercise - no matter what's on the schedule! Suppose you're someone who struggles with time management due to high-stress levels or an inability to get all of your daily errands done. In that case, this option might be worth considering - especially if you desire a flawless appearance at all times without having to put in so much effort yourself.


The most well-known kind of makeup tattoo is microblading. This enhances the look of your brows by replicating the natural appearance of feathered eyebrow hairs. Microblading does not use an electric tool like another tattooing but instead uses a handheld tool with 10-12 needles to manually create papercut-like incisions into the skin. The incisions are then filled with pigment to make your eyebrows appear thicker and fuller than previously.

Powder Brows

Often called the 'Shadow effect' or ombre brows, an electric tool with a microneedle attached is used to create pin-like dots of pigment to achieve a powdered eyebrow look. Instead of microblading, powder brows require thousands of dots to be implanted into your skin. And as such, it typically encompasses a healthier alternative for those with oily skin as the pigment retains better and has better longevity.

Combo Brows

Microblading is a combination of both powder brows and traditional microblading. A manual tool is used to make hair strokes around or next to the subject's natural brow line to achieve a realistic look. The powdered brow technique is then used on the body of the brow to create fuller, bolder-looking brows. Altogether this gives you natural, bold-looking brows.

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is widely used on the eyes to make them stand out on any occasion. Permanent eyeliner is where pigment is implanted under your skin with an electric cosmetic tattoo machine. For the lash line, the pigment is implanted between the lashes to darken your lash line, a thinner natural look that subtly enhances your eyelashes. The second form of eyeliner offered by this method is called eyeliner. It gives you the look of liquid eyeliner without having to worry about smudging or drying out throughout the day. You can choose how thick or thin you want it to be but keep in mind that it will depend on your facial features and what you prefer! There are numerous styles of eyeliner that can be applied via this method, namely, lash line enhancement and liner.

Lip Blush

Lip blush is where pigment is implanted into the lips with an electric cosmetic tattoo machine; this is a versatile and customized way to add color and shape to lips. Specially trained medical makeup artists perform the process. When designing your custom lip blush, the pigment color is decided between you and your artist, but usually, it's a natural-looking, brighter red than your typical lip tone. Lip blush complements full lips perfectly without getting lip fillers done (depending on your facial structure, this might be more noticeable). Still, it can also serve as an enhancement for giving the illusion of fuller lips using only one treatment or fixing symmetry! There are an estimated 800-900 million lipsticks produced and sold annually in the world, not including glosses; imagine the amount of money saved if you get lip blush.

If you have any interest in training in permanent makeup, Jenna Leigh Academy Group can help.

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