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What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

The majority of women have a love, hate relationship with eyeliner. The application is not always the smoothest and eyeliner can smudge so easily, but when the application is perfect the eyeliner really makes your eyes stand out.

Permanent eyeliner is a great way to look fabulous from the moment you wake up. By implanting pigment into the eyelid with a micro needle, you have your eyeliner on ready for every day and Nouveau Permanent Cosmetics & Esthetics have also recommended this procedure because there will be no more eyeliner runs during sport activities. The whole process can take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on the style you go for. But that also includes the numbing process which takes up to 30 minutes.

Permanent Eyeliner Styles

There are two different styles of permanent eyeliner, you can either have a tight line – This is where pigment is added between the layers of eyelashes, it darkens your lash line then subtly enhances your eyelashes. Then there is the eyeliner – This is just a step above the lash line and gives you the look of wearing liquid eyeliner. The technician will go through the look you are wanting to achieve, while considering your facial features to determine the size and shape of the eyeliner.

The Process

The process is simple, after going over what you and the permanent makeup artists discussed during the consultation the artist will begin by cleaning the area with eye approved antibacterial wipe. Numbing cream will then be applied to ensure as little discomfort as possible. Once the numbing cream take effect, micro droplets of coloured pigment will be inserted under the skin using and cosmetic machine. Numbing cream can also be applied during the procedure is the pain gets too much. Finally, once the artist has achieved the desired look then a thin coat of eye ointment may be applied to help progress healing.

Does It Hurt?

Overall permanent eyeliner is pretty painless, but this does depend on your pain tolerance. Most people describe the pain to be more uncomfortable rather than painful. A lot of people mention that the discomfort actually comes from the vibrations from the machine rather than the actual needle itself. The numbing cream does make a different to the pain and it is highly advised that you let them use this.

What To Expect From Healing

The healing process for permanent eyeliner is fairly basic and what you would expect. After the procedure you can leave straight away. There may be a little swelling but you can still go about your daily life. You should not wear mascara for at least a week while the eyeliner heals as this can lead to infection. As the pigment begins to settle and the eyeliner heals you may experience some scabbing, this should be minimal, but do not peel or pick the scabs, this can peel the pigment along with the scab. You want to avoid touching the area as you carry bacteria and germs on your hands that can also cause an infection. The tight line eyeliner should heal within 3 to 7 days. The eyeliner style can take between 7 and 10 days as the lines are usually thicker.

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