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Webbed toes (syndactyly) treatment…

✨Syndactyly ‘webbed’ toe tattoo✨. I had the absolute pleasure of tattooing the gap between the joined toes creating the illusion that the toes are separated. My client had been self conscious for years about this, now he can wear sandals, go swimming etc feeling confident! 🥰

Did you know surgery to separate the toes privately costs approx £4k per foot! Toe tattooing is a much simpler, safer (and cheaper) solution!

So do you or someone you know have syndactyly toes? Are you self conscious of them, never wearing sandals or peep toe shoes? Let me help you! Reach out for a quote… ❤️ #syndactyly #syndactylyreleasesurgery #webbedtoes #webbedtoestattoo #toetattoo #bristolfootcare #syndactylytreatment

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