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I am a finalist for the Safety In Beauty Awards 2023!

I am pleased to receive the news this morning that I am a finalist for the Safety In Beauty Awards 2023!! I’m really proud to have been considered for this as safety in the PMU industry is something I’m extremely passionate about. There are far too many unlicensed and unregulated permanent make up “artists” and microbladers out there that are unlicensed/uninsured or that have not received relevant training. These people are permanently damaging faces, destroying peoples confidence and potentially putting their clients at risk of HIV/Hepatitis and other blood borne infections.

My clients however can rest assured that I have over 8 years experience in the PMU industry and I have been fully trained by the UK’s leading training company @finishingtouchesgroup to perform all eyebrows, lips, eyeliner procedures and removals and corrections. I am Bristol City and South Gloucestershire council licensed and fully insured. And I am also a multiple award winning artist. 😊

As always if you have any questions about

PMU treatments you are considering or would just like a bit or advice in anything PMU related please reach out to me ❤️

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Caroline Lewis
Caroline Lewis
18 באוק׳ 2023

Well done hon 👏

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