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What's your favourite brow style?

Here we have an example of four different brow styles that I offer. Each are quite visually and technically different with the softer hairstroke method being commonly chosen if the client requests an ultra natural look, or if you have a lot of eyebrow hair but would like to fill in any gaps.

Next is the combination brow, which is fast becoming the most popular choice and for good reason! Not only does it offer the client a fuller and more defined look, but the combo style also incorporates hairstrokes throughout the front and body of the brow, this keeps the healed result looking natural.

The third style of brow I offer is the powder finish/shaded brow. This is a great choice if you require a darker, fuller and more "made up" look. There are no hairstrokes in this style just your choice of colour softly shaded throughout the whole brow. You can also opt for an Ombre brow which is a powder brow but with lighter fronts, this look is quite fashionable at the moment!

The last style of brow I offer is the Block brow. This is my most "dramatic" look of brows that I tattoo. The result will be quite dark will full, rich colour throughout the whole brow. This method can work well for anyone that wants a very bold style of eyebrow, that wants to cover up previous work they have had done or clients who may have scarring in their brows that they want camoflauged. So the question is, what is your favourite style?!…..

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