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Are you suitable for semi permanent make up treatments?

So who are good candidates for tattooed eyebrows? 

It’s no secret that more and more people, both women AND men, from all over the world, are already enjoying the benefits of permanent cosmetics. People of all ages (from 18-100) are electing to have tattooed eyebrows and finding great results in enhancing, shaping, and filling out their non-existent brows to feel more confident and attractive.

So who makes a good candidate for eyebrow tattoos? The fact is, permanent eyebrows are one of the best solutions for anyone who suffers from sparse, thin, and/or light colored eyebrows. These are the most obvious candidates because these individuals deal with the look of their eyebrows on a daily basis, and have most likely been dealing with them their whole lives.

Others may experience loss of eyebrows over time, which also makes for great candidates, because loss over time gives you the ability to work back towards a “normal” base level of eyebrow appearance. Eyebrow loss can be caused by any number of factors including age, overzealous makeup application, aggressive tweezing or waxing, ethnicity, genetics, and medications.

Other times though, eyebrow loss can be caused by a number of more serious medical conditions. Anyone who suffers from these conditions could definitely benefit from permanent makeup to help feel more healthy and radiant.*

(Disclaimer)* Please note, I am not a medical practitioner, so please consult your general practitioner and/or physician before making any cosmetic decisions included here.

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy for cancer treatments, is the chemical process used to eradicate cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy harms cells that divide rapidly in normal circumstances, which particularly affects hair follicles. This ultimately leads to hair loss all over the body including the eyebrows. Make sure to speak with your doctor before any permanent makeup decision is made, and wait until after chemotherapy is completed (at least 6 months) for your immune system to get stronger, so you don’t risk infection.

Alopecia (Areata, In Particular, Alopecia Universalis)– Alopecia is believed to be an autoimmune disorder that causes rapid loss of hair, including eyebrows in severe cases.

Hypothyroidism – Hypothyroidism is a deficiency in the thyroid gland in which not enough thyroid hormone is produced. In its later form, one symptom of the condition includes a thinning or balding of the outer third of the eyebrow.

Telogen Effluvium – This is a disorder in which emotional and physiological stress create mutations in the normal hair cycle resulting in thinning and shedding of hair including the eyebrows.

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) – Atopic Dermatitis, also commonly known as Eczema, is a skin disorder that can appear all over the body as itchy red blotches. These blotches can become inflamed causing thinning hair around those areas. At times, this includes eyes and eyebrows.

Vitamin Deficiency – It has been shown that a deficiency in Vitamin A, E, D, B, L-lysine, and Iron, may create an imbalance in the normal hair cycle leading to hair loss and thinning eyebrows.

Trichotillomania – Is an impulse control disorder that causes an individual to pick and pull out hair from all over their own bodies, including the scalp, underarms, chest, legs, arms, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

Vitiligo – Is a skin condition that causes a lightening or depigmentation of the skin that appears as blotches or spots. Some may feel the need to cover or camouflage these areas and Micropigmentation can help.

Scarring – As we live, we scar. Its just the way it is. For some, these scars are eyesores and difficult to live with day to day. For them permanent cosmetics might be a perfect and a less invasive solution to reconstructive surgery.

Physical Disabilities – Physical Disabilities either from accidents, ailments, or natural age progression, can considerably limit ones ability to apply make up on a daily basis. Individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, Dimentia, Parkinson’s Disease, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), tremors, visual impairments, and/or stroke, may find cosmetic eyebrow tattooing a perfect solution.

Other considerations to think about when deciding whether you are a good candidate to tattoo eyebrows include:

Ethnic Considerations: Some may be curious to know whether their ethnicity plays any role in being a good candidate to tattoo eyebrows. Skin types do vary and do have an effect on the type of technique, method, and of course color choice to be used. For Asian skin types – cosmetic tattoos have been a part of Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) beauty culture for many years. Many choose to tattoo eyebrows in particular, because sparse eyebrows are a common natural trait that become even thinner during aging. With Caucasian skin and darker skin types found in Latin, African, Indian, and Middle Eastern nationalities, the issue to consider might not necessarily be the density of the eyebrows, but more importantly, the hue and color tone used. For example, darker skinned individuals should never use blue/gray/green ink to tattoo eyebrows, while lighter skinned individual should avoid using an ink too dark for their complexion.This is another reason a certified professional is essential, because their experience and understanding of the correct color hues to use in combination with skin tone, will give you the best and most natural results.

Hair Color Considerations – Another less serious factor candidates should consider is matching an appropriate eyebrow color with their hair color. Blonde women, for example, would need to choose a light brown color not much darker than their own hair color. This would ensure that the contrast wasn’t so apparent that it looks obvious. Dark haired women, on the other hand, should choose a brown or dark brown color to complement their natural shade.

So, who should get their eyebrows tattooed? If you (or someone you know) have reached a point in your life where the time and effort spent every day on eyebrows is no longer worth it, and you like the idea of having beautiful natural looking brows without the hassle of constant maintenance and very little up-keep, a choice to tattoo your eyebrows might be just right for you.

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