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So what exactly happens at your appointment? Here's what to expect!

Pre-Treatment Advice:

If you like the shape of your eyebrows already then feel free to have them plucked, waxed or threaded to shape them before your semi permanent make up appointment. (Please ensure you have these treatments carried out at least one week before your SPMU appointment).

If you are not sure what brow shape would suit you best that is not a problem, I will help you to determine the most suited shape for your individual face shape. Please feel free to bring along pictures with you to help to illustrate the type of brow you would like me to design for you.

Also it is worth noting that washing your hair prior to the appointment is usually a good idea as you cannot get the freshly tattooed brow area wet for at least 48 hours after the treatment.

On the day


When you arrive at the clinic I will apply numbing cream to your chosen treatment area as this can take between 15-30 minutes to set in. Next I will take a series of "before" photos. Then after you have completed the relevant consent and medical history forms I will take some time to listen carefully to your requirements and discuss the right brow shape, colour and style to suit your face. After deciding on a colour to match your hair colour and skin tone I will then measure up and draw your brow template on using a soft pencil.

Making changes:
You will have plenty of time to make changes during this process to ensure you are 100% comfortable with what I propose to do BEFORE any tattooing takes place.

The treatment:
When I begin to tattoo your brows I may ask you to sit up several times during the process. This is so that I can check placement and symmetry and make small adjustments.

Once I am happy with the final result you will have the opportunity to have a look in the mirror and meet your brand new eyebrows for the first time!

If you feel that there should be a few more adjustments made, this is the perfect time to let me know. It is important that you leave the clinic 100% happy with the outcome.

Post-Treatment Advice and Aftercare

Pain or discomfort:

Your eyebrows may look a little red straight afterwards and this is completely normal. They may also feel a bit ‘tight’ but they shouldn’t be too painful.

The topical anaesthetic used during your treatment will continue to be active for a short while after you leave the clinic. After this, you can take an over the counter pain-killer if you feel the need to. Any discomfort should disappear after a few hours although the area will still be tender for a day or so.

Colour and fading:
It is important that you are prepared for the fact that your brows will look quite dark immediately after the treatment is completed. This is absolutely normal and nothing to be concerned about. The colour fades by up to 50% over the next 7 to 14 days and, if you have had a hairstroke brow, the individual strokes will become more defined.

Healing time:
Brows generally heal within 14 days, sometimes more quickly but in every case, it depends on your body’s own natural rate of repair. I will provide you with a Vitamin A&D healing cream to use which helps the natural healing process.

Initially a scab will form and stay in place for a while before flaking away naturally. You MUST NOT pick the scabs as this removes colour and also exposes the delicate new skin underneath to bacteria.

Once the scabs have fallen away, your brows are likely to become a bit flaky. The treated area can also appear pale and patchy while the skin repairs itself. Once this exfoliates and falls away, the healed result will be visible.

Please note it is completely normal for the treated area to look as if there is barely any colour left during the healing period. This is due to the cells within the body latching on to the implanted pigment molecules and pulling them down into the deeper layers of the skin. Fresh new skin will then form over the treated area thus creating a lighter looking treated area. The body should then process the pigment molecules, allowing them to stay within the skin. The new skin on top of the treated area then gradually exfoliates over the coming weeks allowing the pigment to push closer to the surface and become visible again. All of this takes place during the allotted 4-6 week healing period. After 6 weeks have passed you are now due to come back in to the clinic for your top up treatment. During this treatment I will again discuss your brow shape and style requirements and allow you to choose a colour (some ladies opt for a darker colour at the top up stage) or choose the colour you had previously.

I will then again measure up your brows and create a template. During this session I can also make any minor adjustments. After your top up treatment you will go through exactly the same healing process until at 6 weeks post top up treatment you are left with your final result!

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