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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Lauren Carter and I am trained, insured and accredited by the permanent make up industry leading Finishing Touches Group. Rest assured I am also fully licensed and insured by Bristol City Council to perform your customised eyebrow, eyeliner and lips procedures in the most safe and hygienic settings. All of the needles and pigments I use are of the highest pharmaceutical grades and have passed strict EU regulatory standards, thus ensuring a perfectly safe environment for your cosmetic SPMU procedure. I have also recently been awarded the coveted title of National Best Semi Permanent Make Up Artist 2020 in the British Hair and Beauty Awards, and achievement i am immensely proud of and which, i think, reflects my talent and dedication to my art.


So, what is Semi Permanent Make-up? Semi Permanent makeup imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic looking as you choose.

The effect is achieved by depositing hypo-allergenic specialist pigments into the upper dermal layers of your skin using a micro sized sterile needle, where they will then remain semi permanently. The results will then fade gradually over 1-3 years, with a “colour boost” recommended every 12 months after the initial application – to maintain a fresh appearance.

So...do you dream about wearing make-up that will stay put – whatever the weather?

Do you find applying cosmetics fiddly and time consuming, and wish you could just jump out of bed with perfectly defined features?

And are you tired of applying make up every morning only to have it smudge or wear off throughout the day?

Then let me help you!  My Semi-permanent make-up treatments can help to transform your life and daily beauty regime. Your bespoke make up can last for up to three years, won’t wipe or smudge off, and you will look perfect bare-faced from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, helping you to remain flawless 24/7!






A combination of your choice of any of the above method of semi permanent brow creations.

£225 (includes a complimentary top up treatment!).



Define your favourite feature! No more running or tricky to apply eyeliner. Wake up with your make up already done! 

Prices start from £165 and include a comlimentary top up treatment.


Draw attention to your best features! Most commonly placed on or alongside the lip line or eyes. Very Marilyn Monroe-esque!

Prices starting from £50



Using a micro needle I can create the finest hair stroke brows which mimic the appearance of real hairs. This creates the most natural look. 

£225 (includes a complimentary top up treatment).



A bold, very defined, chosen shape, which is then outlined and shaded in. 


£225 (includes a complimentary top up treatment).



The powder brow involves precise and close hair stroke application throughout the body of the brow to create a shaded "just powdered on" look.

£225 (includes a complimentary top up treatment).



Defining your natural lip line to give the illusion of fuller lips. Range of colours available.

£165 (includes a complimentary top up treatment!).



This treatment is for those wanting more colour than a liner but less than full lip coverage.

£225 (includes a complimentary top up treatment).


Give definition and subtle colour to your lips enabling you to wake up already made up! 

£295 (includes a complimentary top up treatment).



5 Star Reviews on Facebook, Instagram and Google.



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Lauren Carter's Semi Permanent Make Up -Winner of the British Hair and Beauty Awards 2020 - Best Semi Permanent Make Up Artist.



“I just have to say Lauren you are the most patient lady at what you do and I'm so thrilled with the work you have done on me !!! Can't recommend this lady highly enough, I won't go anywhere else!!! Well done babes xxx”

Claire Kybert

“I never thought my eyebrows could look how I wanted them. They look amazing!! Lovely environment and Lauren is lovely. Talked me through everything and was so thorough and looked after me throughout. Would never go anywhere else, my lips are also really thin but the lip blush makes them look fuller - am so so pleased. ”

Nic Para

“Best in the South West by far! Lauren is friendly, knowledgeable and puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. A thoroughly peasant (and painless) experience! ”

Meghan Charles

“I just have to say Lauren you are the most patient lady at what you do and I'm so thrilled with the work you have done on me !!! Can't recommend this lady highly enough, I won't go anywhere else!!! Well done babes xxx”

Claire Kybert

“I love my new eyebrows, really glad I had it done, it didn't hurt as she's using a good numbing cream and weren't sore at all not even the next day, I've booked a appointment to get my lips done next time.”

Diana Van de Valees

“Loving my SPMU brows. I have them done yearly. Lauren made them slightly thicker and longer, making them suite my face more. Having sparse brows, this treatment is a must! Loving the colour too. I had hair strokes and lighter powder too for a really great, bold effect. They are superb! Thank you Lauren! And I didn't feel any pain. Expertly done.”

Jenny Essex

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